Step 1
Use the left hand menu to navigate to your Products tab, then click the Add Product button.

Step 2
On the New Product page, select a 'Category' that would help customers narrow their search for your type of product. For example, if you are selling chicken, you'd select the 'Meat' category. If you are selling tomatoes, you'd select the 'Produce' category.

  • The 'Product Name' field should be used to customize the exact product name you what to appear on WhatsGood.

  • Use the DESCRIPTION field to add as much information to your product, this is a great marketing tool!

Step 3
Save and upload a photo!

Step 4
Once your product has been created, you you can add inventory to make the item available on the marketplace. Please note that if you do not add inventory, your item will not be available to sell on your account.

Step 5
To add inventory and pricing, first click Add Pack Size, and select what unit you would like to use to sell your product on WhatsGood.

Step 6
Next, add the available inventory and cost for that specific pack size and click Save.

Step 7

Once you've added your first pack size you can either add a new pack size by click on the New Pack Size button or go back to your Inventory list to add a new product.

Video Walkthrough

Selling Individual Units with Variable Weight

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