Our new Product and Pack Size listing is now available for vendors on WhatsGood’s website. With this update vendors are now able to switch between a product list view and a pack size view. Vendors can set either view as their default, as we know vendors have different preferences and will have a preferred view.

On the Product Listing view, vendors are able to see a consolidated list of all products available within their account. We’ll alert vendors to any product they’ve haven’t yet uploaded pictures for with the No Photo tag.

In the Pack Sizes column vendors will see the current pack sizes for each product and product without any pack sizes will display a No Pack Size tag. The category column makes it so that vendors can quickly review each product’s associated category.

Moving on the Pack Sizes view, vendors are able to see a comprehensive list of pack sizes across all products on their account. Here we have the Status column, where vendors can toggle between For Sale and Inactive . And any products with zero inventory will automatically be switch to the Sold Out status. Products with either the Sold Out or Inactive status are not available for sale and do not appear on the WhatsGood Marketplace to customers.

Next we have the Available Inventory and Price columns so that vendors are able to easily view this information and edit the pack size if they choose to do so by clicking on the pencil icon, which will open an Update Pack Size popup.

When updating the Pack Size vendors are able to adjust the available inventory amount, price, whole increments setting, and status.

Lastly, vendors are able to set which view they would like as their default. They can do this by clicking on the arrow button to the right of the + Add Product button and selecting the Tab Preference option. Here the vendor can select which tab they would like to appear first on their account.

If you have any further questions we invite you to look through our FAQs and please don’t hesitate to reach out using our chat widget on the bottom right corner of our website to talk directly with our support team.

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