WhatsGood support will promptly address and provide quick resolution for customers who continue to support local businesses.

When WhatsGood receives a message via chat or email regarding a missing, spoiled, or otherwise unsatisfactory product, WhatsGood will typically offer resolution in the form of a refund.

  • If the issue was the result of market error (misplaced product, incorrect handling, etc) this refund will be sponsored by the market.

  • If the issue was the result of vendor error (packing mistake, quality control, etc) the refund will be issued and sponsored by the vendor.

In the case of vendor error, we will loop the vendor into the conversation. A reply is not mandatory unless the vendor would like to provide a response or personal apology, offer a replacement item or a free item with next order, or other resolution other than a refund.

  • If the vendor would like to offer a replacement instead, they must notify us within 24 hours of receiving the email thread regarding the product issue. Otherwise, we proceed with processing the refund and providing resolution for the customer.

If a vendor receives the request for a refund directly from a customer, they should log it in our refund request form, link to form here.

If the customer paid with SNAP, the refund will need to be processed by the organization that handled the customer's payment at the market.

Our team will process refunds as soon as possible (pending all vendor orders from the master order being “accepted”); the customer will see the refund within 7-10 business days, per Stripe’s policy.

All vendor refunds will be deducted out of the vendor’s stripe account on a bi-weekly basis for refunds processed in that time period.

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