SNAP is the federal food assistance program that provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budgets of families in need. SNAP/EBT participants, read below for how to use your SNAP cards at at our pre-order market:

  1. Confirm with the market that they are participating in our SNAP Pilot Program

  2. Create a WhatsGood customer account at

  3. Complete this simple form. Please allow up to 2 business days for the "Pay at Pickup with SNAP" option to be added to your WhatsGood customer account. You will receive an email from WhatsGood when the payment method is live.

  4. Shop for products within our WhatsGood market*

  5. Checkout using the ‘Pay at Pickup with SNAP’ option.

  6. Prepare to have your card swiped for the balance of your order on market day.
    <add directions on where the customer will go to complete the transaction>

*Note: you must only select ‘Pay at Pickup With SNAP’ at checkout for SNAP eligible products. You must add a credit card or debit card number to your payment methods and pay that way for non-SNAP eligible items via a separate transaction.

SNAP eligible products include: all edible products including fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, eggs, bakery goods, preserved goods (like jams, salsas), and plants that bear edible items. Non-SNAP eligible items include cut flowers, soaps, hemp products, and yarn. You must pay for these items with another payment via WhatsGood.

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