When adding 100+ products to your WhatsGood account our support team is able to help streamline the process by mass uploading these products into your account.

To do this upload we'll need a CSV or excel file with the following information for each product:

  • Product Name

  • Category Name

  • Description Text

  • Pack Size Unit

  • Container Unit*

  • Container Quantity*

  • Whole Increments (TRUE or FALSE)

  • Price

  • Available Inventory

*These fields are only required if pack size requires a container. See below for further details.

The Container Units and Container Quantity columns must be filled in conjunction with the following pack size types: Bag, Box, Case, Clam Shell, Container, Flat, Keg, Pack, Peck, and Pot.

For example: When selecting Case as a pack size it will require a container unit such as LB and a container quantity such as 2 so that the pack size is listed as 2 LB CASE.

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