We can offer a coupon code linked exclusively to your business on WhatsGood! To request a code, consider the parameters below and click the button at the bottom of the article. The Coupon code structure is best set as a standard discount on an order.

Parameters Available for Your Coupon:

The following parameters are required for the coupon code to be activated:

  • Business Name (as it appears on WhatsGood)

  • Contact Email

  • Activation Date

  • Deactivation Date

  • Type of Discount (Flat Rate or Percentage)

The following optional parameters are available:

  • Maximum uses per customer account

  • Maximum number of uses in total

  • Minimum order required to validate coupon

  • Maximum value of order that can be applied towards discount

  • Constraints for specific markets in which you are participating

  • Desired coupon code (32 Character limit)

  • Coupon code label when applied at checkout (40 character limit)

  • Coupon code message to customers (80 character limit)

A vendor coupon code cannot be used for the following promotional strategies:

  • Giveaways (Free item with purchase, Buy One Get One)

  • A specific/single item in your vendor inventory

  • Bottle Returns or similar models of deposits/returns

  • CSA Model

  • "Buy now, get a discount on your next order"

To start your request, click the button below!

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