You will be emailed in real time as customers place orders. You are not expected to take any action on the email, they are just notifications.

You will be able to review all orders within your WhatsGood profile.

Use the "advanced filters' option to isolate orders for a certain market/date.

To accept orders:

  1. Log into your WhatsGood vendor profile

  2. View your orders tab

  3. Click on a customer order to review the summary

  4. Carefully review the products and amounts requested.*Order cannot be adjusted after they have been accepted. This step is especially important for vendors selling products by weight (such as meat).

  5. Make any adjustments necessary before clicking the green "accept" button at the bottom

*please note - we don't allow you to "batch" accept orders. You must review each order before accepting. This process prevents common mistakes that often require refunds.

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