To generate a payout report follow these steps:

  • Open the Orders Tab

  • Filter the orders by date if you'd like to start with. Then select all orders you wish to report on. (To select all orders in the current view click the check box next to order reference)

  • Once orders are selected click "options"

  • Click "Export Orders (CSV)"

  • Once the export is complete, unzip the file. You will see 4 separate CSV files in the unzipped folder:

  • Open the orders.csv file. This file will list each order by order ID#, Customer name, Total, and Payout Date (and much more).

  • The Payout Date column will show you when or if a payout has been made. There are three possible values you will see in this column: A date in the YYYY-MM-DD format, 'No data', or 'Offline Payment'.

  • Orders with a date in the payout_date column have been payed out on that day

  • Orders with 'No data' in the payout_date column have NOT been paid out and are pending finalization. To learn more about how the payout process works, CLICK HERE.

  • Orders with 'Offline Payment' in the payout_date column have been made by a customer that has been given an offline payment method. In most cases that means they are using their SNAP funds and will be paying in person at pickup. Please inquire about your market's offline payments process with your market manager.

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