Our policy is that all land-based, frozen proteins must be within 12 months from processed date in order to accept the product from the vendor during our aggregation by a WhatsGood team members. 

The truth is, buying from local is inherently different than buying groceries from any grocer or market. Each vendor and farmer does things differently. There is little uniformity and you can expect a variation in many things. However, in my opinion, it is what makes local -unique; but quality, should always be better than every other channel. All small local grass-fed farmers on WhatsGood only process a handful of animals each year. This is usually done only every 4-12 months and the farmer then sells the stock that coming year. 

But please, don't just take our word for it, here is a link to help you learn about the safety and quality of frozen meat:

Lastly, we try to take every opportunity to help educate customers about why buying locally is really important. At the end of the day, you can always get in your car, load in that farm's address to your gps and go see what they're all about, how your food is being raised and what it is you are actually eating. You can look the farmer in the eyes and inquire into his/her practices. 

The reality is, most of what we buy in stores, you cannot. Next time you are shopping in the grocery store, try looking for a "processed-on" date (NOT packed-on date). The difference is simple, with the local producer it is the day the animal was processed into cuts, which means the animal was slaughtered and hung for about 10-14 days prior to being cut. For the grocery meat, it is the day the attendants in the store or food depot for that store, cut the meat into steaks and wrapped it. But when was the animal actually slaughtered? How old is that meat? Worse, where did it come from?

I hope this information sheds some light on why our policy is what it is and illuminates what grocery stores can get away with. This contributes to making consumers question what our local vendors must display (honestly) to you. In fact, it's the only meat our Co-founders and their family's eat.

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