• Vendor payouts are initiated for all fully processed and accepted Market Orders each Monday at 5 pm EST and post on Wednesday each week.

  • Regarding fully processed and accepted Market Orders: When a customer places an order on WhatsGood they create what we refer to as a Market Order. This order contains one or more Vendor Orders. We cannot finalize the customer's charge until ALL vendors on their market order have accepted their orders with that customer. In some cases, that will mean that a vendor's payout on an order will be delayed to the following Wednesday after the full market order has been accepted (or auto-accepted) by all vendors.

  • Regarding Vendor Orders: Vendors have up to 6 days after an order is received to accept the order. This window allows vendors to process any necessary changes on their orders. We strongly encourage vendors to accept orders at the time of drop off if they have not already done so.

  • Coupons may be paid out separately.

  • If your payout for the past week's sales appears to be short, it is in all likelihood related to the fact that at least one customer's order was not fully accepted by all vendors on that order by Monday at 5pm, and therefore will roll over into the next week's payouts.

  • Vendors can track their payouts to see which payouts have posted when, and which are still pending. To learn more on tracking your payouts, CLICK HERE.

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