Holidays are a great time to generate additional revenue by offering limited time items and specials. Some products may be in high demand or require a longer lead time so preordering is advised.

Step 1: Contact your vendors to discover plans for the upcoming holiday. Be sure to discuss:

  • Product ideas and availability - be sure to ask about lead time

  • High demand products (i.e. turkeys for Thanksgiving)

  • Confirm that the vendor will be available to participate on the delivery day

Step 2: Contact your WhatsGood representative to set up the market. They will require the following information:

  • Market Name (i.e. "[regular market name] Labor Day preorders")

  • Desired Description

  • Desired Logo (if different)

  • Delivery Date(s)

  • Ordering Deadline

  • Desired Market Open Date

Step 3: Add participating vendors to market

Step 4: Vendors can start adding products for preorder. Please note that the Product Availability by Market tool must be utilized to keep products segregated to their appropriate market (i.e. preorder items in preorder market and NOT in regular market; products that will not be available the week of the holiday should not be in the preorder market)

Step 5: Proofread markets before bringing the preorder market online. Things to look for:

  • Description and dates are accurate

  • No preorder items in the regular market

  • All participating vendors are showing available

When everything looks good, contact your WhatsGood representative to let them know you are ready to go live!

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