As of August 24th, 2020, we have implemented a new vendor policy that addresses an issue with vendor drops that happen later than the 7:30-10am window.

Two of our goals over the last 6 months have been to improve our ability for:

  1. WhatsGood vendors to make it within our drop window.

  2. Improving capacity without compromising product quality or customer service.

A first step to accomplish these goals was to move our order cut-off time from 11pm the day before, to the current 1pm cutoff. The second was getting drivers on the road earlier by continuously improving our aggregation operations. The importance of having all vendors drop by 10am is vital to further improvement of these objectives.

As of Monday, August 24th, there is a penalty for late vendors who drop after 10am. This is not meant as a punishment, but late arrivals significantly impact our operation.

The policy is that if the vendor does not arrive by 10am, we cannot guarantee that the products will be dispatched with the driver.

Here are the options if your product is missing from a customer's order due to tardiness:

  • Deliver the products directly to the customer(s)

  • Cancel the order and communicate with the customer(s) about reordering - note, this can be used once since it is not in the best interest of customer satisfaction.

  • Be charged the delivery fee to have it delivered ($5.99 per customer drop) - note: we do not have multiple drivers going to the same areas. This fee covers our cost to bring in an additional driver.

If you are running late, please call the vendor lead to let us know so we can determine the best option for the day’s deliveries.

Most of you have been doing absolutely perfectly and we thank you for this. It is also the reason why we know vendor drops are possible within the window. More than 90% of our vendors do this consistently. Thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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