If you need to customize your Market's availability (example: Your market will be closed on a specific holiday or for inclement weather) you now have the ability to keep your market closed for that order window:

Here's how to customize your market's availability:

  1. Log into your Market Manager account at sourcewhatsgood.com

  2. Go to the market in question, click on the Settings tab of that market

  3. Click + Add Unavailable Dates and choose the market dates that should not be available to customers.
    *Please note: You only need to set the Market Day/Fullfillment Day as unavailable (eg. if the market is to be closed on Sunday Feb 21, you only need to set that day as unavailable).

  4. If the market's order window has already been open for the market day/fullfillment day you are setting as unavailable, any orders that vendors have received should be cancelled by the vendors. Here's how vendors can cancel orders.

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