Check In Window: 7:30AM - 10:00 AM

For vendors with fewer than 15 orders, there will be a Quick Drop Check In Table for your convenience.

The vendor is not required to stay during our check in process, if any items are missing or broken, we'll contact you immediately to solve the problem. Please make sure you have your contact information updated with us. If you are unable to provide the missing item, please contact the customer and if necessary cancel the item on your end.

All orders are checked in alphabetical order by Customer's First Name, please do your best to help expedite this process.

Face masks are required for ALL vendors and visitors.

All vendors and visitors are required to sign in upon entering the building.


All customer's orders must be labeled with Customer's First and Last Name, Vendor Name and Number of packages (if it is more than 1).

Please make sure your bags are sealed to the best of your ability. Example: Using mask tape to close your bags.

If the customer has more than 1 ITEM, please do your best to consolidate ALL in one bag.

If the product has a chance to leak, please use a clear plastic bag to avoid the product falling out of the bottle. Example: soups, sauces, meals...

EGGS should be properly labeled to ensure the customer gets the correct product.

Packaging Examples:

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